The Benefits of Renting Office Space in 5 Star Business Centres

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When it comes to presenting your business in the most positive way possible, it all starts with location. Your clients, staff, investors, suppliers and everybody else in the business world will make an instant judgment call on how successful your business is by the address on your marketing materials, including on your business card. You get to make one, and only one, first impression on those who surround you in the business world, so you had better make sure it counts.

We’ve all heard that it takes seven seconds for a prospective employee to make a first impression of a candidate at an interview. Well, psychologists maintain that it actually only takes about one-tenth of a second for someone to form an impression of you. With so much competition out there, office spaces for rent in 5-star business centres across the US, can really set you apart from the crowd and help improve an initial perception of you. It might sound superficial but perception matters and if you’re not taking your chance to get ahead, you can be sure someone else will.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways renting office space in 5-star business centres can benefit your business and ensure you present your company in the best way possible.

Prestigious Location

With a business address in a 5-star business centre, you will be in a prime position to impress clients, get to more meetings and show customers you’re a credible company. People pay attention to where a business is located and being situated in an iconic building with spectacular views over any of America’s major cities give your company a professional and attractive image.

5-Star Fittings

As you may expect, being located in a top-end business centre means you get to enjoy all of the trimmings. Executive suites are unbranded so they don’t distract form your business, they feature comfortable and stylish leather furniture and original artwork. All of this on top of a checkerboard granite floor will leave your clients impressed and ready to sit down and talk business.

Professional Image

It’s important to always put your best foot forward in everything you do and of course, that shouldn’t stop with your business ventures. Showing your professional side goes far beyond how you conduct yourself in meetings, it also needs to shine through your staff and your facilities.

Office space in a 5-star business centre comes with a local receptionist ready to welcome clients to your office space and answer your calls. These small touches are what make the big touches and show a level of professionalism and class in a world that is becoming more and more automated by the day.

Networking Opportunities

Being located in a major business hub presents a huge number of opportunities for networking. With such nice surroundings in your new office space, it might seem pointless to head outside but it’s important to interact with your new neighbours and look for those opportunities that can take your business to the next level.

Meet with prospective clients, speak with investors and see what collaborative opportunities there might be. One of the major advantages of being in a 5-star business centre, is being surrounded by successful business owners and companies who you can learn from, befriend and potentially partner with in the future.

Make a 5 Star Business Centre Location Work for You

While there a are a huge number of advantages to be enjoyed from being situated in a premium location, it’s ultimately up to you to capitalise on these chances. Be sure to use your new destination to not only impress your existing clients but to try and build relationships and partnerships with other successful business owners in your new locale.

A premium office address will only get you so far. Once the first impression is laid down, you need to follow through and ensure that your business evolves and succeeds in this promising environment.